Full Band Karaoke Roulette

Thursday, April 22nd will be the date of the Third Annual Full Band Karaoke Roulette at Bangkok Blues in Falls Church (www.bangkokblues.com) 7:30 – 11:00pm.

For those of you who have missed the two previous events, Full Band Karaoke Roulette is basically a party for musicians, plus anyone who cares to come out and be a spectator. We have a stage, with a PA, drums, amps, guitars, keyboard, stompboxes, etc. There is a collection of hats* – one for each instrument. Musicians put their name on pieces of paper and put them in the hats corresponding to whatever instrument(s) they want to play. Throughout the party, bands are formed by pulling names out of the hats. Each band plays two songs.

There is also a song hat which has been pre-filled with names of songs. Each band has to play whatever songs are selected from the song hat. The songs are chosen to be very well known, with plenty of goofy and oddball stuff thrown in. We project lyrics and chords on a screen so you don’t need to remember all the words or be able to figure the song out by ear on the fly. Musicians can sign up for as many instruments as they like. People needn’t be professional players of the instruments they sign up for, though we do ask that they be able to actually play the instrument, for the sake of the audience and the other band members on stage. While songs have been chosen to be as familiar as possible, it does help to be familiar with pop hits of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. Songs are still only charted in one key, so singers should be prepared to deal** with keys that are less than perfect for them.

I supply amps, guitars etc., so there’s no need to bring anything. In fact we ask that people not bring instruments because there’s just not enough room for them.

People have really enjoyed these in the past and keep asking me to do it again so here we are.

There will be a small cover charge (a couple bucks) applied to the bills of people who attend. Bangkok Blues has excellent Thai food and a full bar. We gently encourage attendees to partake of the food and drink so that it’s worth it to Bangkok Blues to continue to let us do these there.

Here are a few pics from last year:

Full Band Karaoke Roulette 2009

Questions? Email me at [email protected]

-Scott McKnight

*I think we may skip the “hats” this year and go with a list on a clipboard to solve the problem of some people being randomly selected more frequently than others.
**by squeaking, grunting, changing the melody, asking for help from backup singers or asking the band to transpose on the fly.