Second Annual Full Band Karaoke Roulette

Jelly Roll Mortals host the Second Annual Full Band Karaoke Roulette

Thursday, April 16th, 2009
Bangkok Blues
926 W. Broad St.
Falls Church, VA

Here’s the idea:

A bunch of musicians attend a party.  There’s a stage, with a PA, drums, amps, guitars, keyboards, etc.  There is a collection of hats – one for each instrument.  Musicians put their name on pieces of paper and put them in the hats corresponding to whatever instrument(s) they want to play (and have the ability to play).  Throughout the party, bands are formed by pulling names out of the hats.  Each band plays a song or two.

There is also a song hat which has been pre-filled with names of songs.  Each band must play whatever songs are selected from the song hat.  The songs are chosen to be very well known, with plenty of goofy and oddball stuff thrown in.  To help the musicians, there are charts and lyrics provided, projected on a screen so everyone can see them.

The event is open to the public.  For the sake of the audience we ask that only actual musicians sign up to play.  Due to space considerations, all instruments will be provided — please do not bring instruments.