Tribute to George Harrison presented by Bandhouse Gigs

JRM are honored to be in the lineup of stellar DC acts playing the songs of George Harrison, as part of the tribute show produced by Bandhouse Gigs, Friday April 4, and Saturday April 5, at The Barns at Wolf Trap, and Sunday April 6 at The Hamilton DC.

We will be performing the psychedelic Yellow Submarine track “It’s All Too Much,” the sitar-driven Revolver track “Love You To,” and the Traveling Wilburys’ “Handle With Care.” Individual Mortals will also be backing other artists for their numbers.

JRM at the new Epicure Cafe

The Epicure Cafe in Fairfax is one of our favorite spots. They recently relocated after disputes with their landlord forced them to find a new space. The new location is just down the road on Lee Highway. It’s bigger and even better. Help us break it in, 10-12 on Saturday, February 15.

Epicure Cafe
11104 Lee Hwy
Fairfax VA 22030

Buddy Holly tribute show at Blob’s Park

Catch our set at this annual tribute to Buddy Holly, Saturday Feb. 1 at Blob’s Park. We’ll also be backing Sarah Bonner and Johnny Alderson. In addition, see David Kitchen, the Flea Bops, Billy Coulter, Honky Tonk Confidential, Ruthie and the Wranglers, Four Star Combo, Dede Wyland, and Willy Barry.

It will be one of the last events at Blob’s, which will be closing at the end of March.

Blob’s Park
8024 Max Blobs Park Rd
Odenton MD 20794