April 28 – Jelly Roll Mortals House Concert at Camarillo Concerts

Jelly Roll Mortals is looking forward to playing this grooviest of house concerts in Bethesda, MD. To make it special, we’re adding a set’s worth of new material to our repertoire and debuting it here. We’ll play songs we’ve written recently and songs we wrote ages ago but never did with JRM. Don’t pass up the opportunity to say you were there the first time anyone heard these things. Plus, a limited-edition CD release will be available for the first and perhaps only time!

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JRM’s Jim Faris and his wife deliver baby in their van

Jim's newborn son

On the morning of our October 1 Maryland CD release show, our bassist Jim was driving his wife to the hospital when they were joined early by their baby son, King James Faris Nunn. Jim posted a post-birth video to his Facebook page, and the story and video were picked up by local TV station WUSA9’s website. Jim took sole credit for the uncommonly quick (four pushes!) delivery.

Understandably, we weren’t expecting Jim nor his wife to be at the show that evening, but apparently (according to Jim) she insisted he show up for at least some of it. So he did in fact come and play the first hour.

The rest of JRM offer our gratitude and congratulations to two obvious rock stars, and warmly welcome their newest future rock star. Although with his eagerness to join the scene, maybe the word “future” isn’t even necessary.

Jelly Roll Mortals CD Release Show 8/5/2015 at IOTA

Please join us at IOTA Club & Cafe in Arlington, VA on Friday, August 5th to celebrate the release of our CD, imaginatively titled “Jelly Roll Mortals.”

We’ll be opening for the Linemen, who are also celebrating the release of their new recording “Close the Place Down.” Jelly Roll Mortals Bill and Scott are Linemen, were involved in the recording, and will be playing with the Linemen that night, kicking off an east coast (three city) tour.

Show starts at 8:30. $12 cover.

Come on out and pick up both CDs! JRM digital downloads will be available after the release party. Linemen vinyl will be available later this year. Linemen stuff available for pre-order at bandcamp.com.(https://thelinemen.bandcamp.com/album/close-the-place-down)

See you there. 🙂

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